Jiu-Jitsu Instructors


Vin Abadie

Head Instructor / Black Belt

Head Instructor Vin Abadie’s initial encounter with Jiu Jitsu came at a young age watching Royce Gracie in the first UFC. However, it wouldn’t be until 15+ years later that he would get to step on the mats and begin his own Jiu Jitsu journey. What started as a fun hobby would soon become a passion with Professor Abadie going from two training sessions a week to multiple training sessions a day along with becoming a regular competitor. For Professor Abadie, jiu-jitsu has had life changing positive effects on him. Besides being a sport for him to enjoy, it has taught him better eating, recovery, and mindset habits. Through teaching both kids and adults, Professor Abadie’s aim is to give those who come in a safe, positive environment to learn and enjoy. Furthermore, he hopes to build a community which is not only diverse but respectful and interactive with each other.


Isaac Vaquera

Instructor / Black Belt

With 16 years of training experience, black belt Issac Vaquera’s passion for Jiu Jitsu started in a small garage. Vaquera has gained a range of knowledge through training at numerous gyms. Jiu-jitsu has impacted not only Issac but his family as well, bringing him closer with his two sons Greg and Gabriel. The biggest impact it has had on Professor Vaquera is helping him grow a healthier and stronger mindset. With previous coaching experience through other sports, he is using his knowledge and passion for Jiu Jitsu to now proudly own and operate Flow Bjj in Arlington, Texas hoping to spread the true meaning of teamwork and share his passion.


Alfredo Morales

Instructor / Brown Belt

Brown belt instructor, Alfredo Morales, started his jiu-jitsu journey with previous military experience. This experience in combat allowed him to train already knowing what it means to have a strong mindset, be disciplined, and hardworking. Although instructor Morales enjoys his time on the mat, his true passion began when his children began training. From coaching his son, Morales has learned valuable coaching skills for both kids and adults. With his long time experience in both jiu-jitsu and combat, Morales hopes to inspire others to try the sport no matter their background and encourage them to learn the valuable lessons that he has learned through both jiu-jitsu and the military.

Muay Thai Instructors


Derek Allen

BJJ-Muay Thai Instructor / Black Belt

Bio coming soon.


Nick Page

Muay Thai Instructor

Bio coming soon.